Relationship part 3...

Wow!!! I'm not sure why, but this third part suddenly came to my mind so i better write this in my blog before i forget.

Aiseh...3rd point already in less than one week. Am i on a writing spree or what? Hahaha! Its all kinda lots of reading for your liking. If you really are a patience person and are willing to learn then be my guest to read and indulge yourself. Remember, everything i write is based on my experience and also from what i learn throughout all these years.

Point #3
Being Secure in Yourself

Yes, being secure is the utmost importance in a relationship. It is really important before you even start a relationship. First you need to really be secure in yourself. In who you really are and what you really want in a partner. Then you need to be secure also in God that this is what God wants for you in your life. If it isn't then don't do it. Remember that God is always first on your list.

Basically, as a people person, we meet tons of people around us. And me being a people person myself knows this very well. Sometimes when meeting people here and there, at certain rare times, sparks may occasionally fly. If you know what i mean. You may not fall in love at first sight but you tend to admire them at the start. Maybe by their appearance, or maybe by their character or even their ability in something like dance or something.

I had to learn this the hard way. First things first, is NEVER fall in love before you are even attached. This is the first lesson if you are looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend. Yes, i know feelings cannot be controlled at most times, but God gave us self control free. We can control our selves and make our own decisions depending on situation. We can answer No to any questions we are asked. The answer is always in your hands.

Yes, even if you admire someone, or like someone, just NEVER FALL IN LOVE with them. Once you have fallen in love, the devil will just be in control of your decision making rather than yourself. Falling in love before you are in a relationship is like a trap that is set by the devil. Which can lead to many many things happening in the future. It can either destroy you or either make you the happiest person on earth. Yes, I've seen many broken people just because of this. They just fell in love before they even know it. And the results has seen many friendships broken or just tainted with awkwardness. If you have fallen in love before you even are in a relationship, please please....fall out of love.

You shall only fall in love when you are both officially attached. You have a solid 50 or even more years that you both can be in love together so why rush now.

It's not easy controlling your emotions like this. It all requires great patience and practice to not fall in love easily. I used to be someone who is not in control of my own personal feelings, but i have trained my self to have self-control and be able to control my emotions. Not to say that i am emotionless, just that i can control my feelings and emotions better.

To be continued...

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