Its Chinese New Year and Happy Family

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Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

The year of Rat has passed...

...Now let's welcome the Bull

May this year bring you prosperity and blessings abudantly filled with laughter and joy to behold
Happiness fun filled relationships with long lasting friendships
Adventures awaiting for its adventurer to explore
and amazing breakthroughs just waiting

right there, everywhere

Just for me!



IQ test

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| + || + ||| = 4

if you are to take one of the | and put it elsewhere to make it equals to 4, which | would you take?

you can only move once and the answer must be 4
you can move any stick including from
the + which have 2 sticks that make a cross/plus sign

to those who know the answer, keep quiet and just say
"I know!"

to those who wants to try, be my guest

your prize?

you knowing the answer...

Usher Ministry!

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No! Not that Usher!

I'm promoting the usher ministry of City Harvest Church!
We need man/woman power!
We need more! more! more!
We now have about 55 ushers
and we want to have atleast 135 by the end of the year

Usher Ministry is really a great ministry to start of with
if you don't really know what ministry suits you best
You can also learn really a lot by joining usher
You will be much more confident of yourself
You will also improve your people skills a lot
You will also get to know A LOT of people
You will also improve your social skills
and also improve your detail-ism

I have been an usher for almost 2 years and i enjoyed every moment of it
If i were gonna leave usher ministry, i will only leave if i were to be Pastor's PA
or day day...

Join Usher Ministry today!
and i promise me and all the senior ushers will train you up!

From Sunday Team 4,
Usher Assistant Team Leader 2,
Dennis Wong