Usher Ministry!

No! Not that Usher!

I'm promoting the usher ministry of City Harvest Church!
We need man/woman power!
We need more! more! more!
We now have about 55 ushers
and we want to have atleast 135 by the end of the year

Usher Ministry is really a great ministry to start of with
if you don't really know what ministry suits you best
You can also learn really a lot by joining usher
You will be much more confident of yourself
You will also improve your people skills a lot
You will also get to know A LOT of people
You will also improve your social skills
and also improve your detail-ism

I have been an usher for almost 2 years and i enjoyed every moment of it
If i were gonna leave usher ministry, i will only leave if i were to be Pastor's PA
or day day...

Join Usher Ministry today!
and i promise me and all the senior ushers will train you up!

From Sunday Team 4,
Usher Assistant Team Leader 2,
Dennis Wong

2 thoughts:

Careen said...

join choir ministry also ;)

Dennis W. said...

promote choir plak?