Relationship part 3...

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Wow!!! I'm not sure why, but this third part suddenly came to my mind so i better write this in my blog before i forget.

Aiseh...3rd point already in less than one week. Am i on a writing spree or what? Hahaha! Its all kinda lots of reading for your liking. If you really are a patience person and are willing to learn then be my guest to read and indulge yourself. Remember, everything i write is based on my experience and also from what i learn throughout all these years.

Point #3
Being Secure in Yourself

Yes, being secure is the utmost importance in a relationship. It is really important before you even start a relationship. First you need to really be secure in yourself. In who you really are and what you really want in a partner. Then you need to be secure also in God that this is what God wants for you in your life. If it isn't then don't do it. Remember that God is always first on your list.

Basically, as a people person, we meet tons of people around us. And me being a people person myself knows this very well. Sometimes when meeting people here and there, at certain rare times, sparks may occasionally fly. If you know what i mean. You may not fall in love at first sight but you tend to admire them at the start. Maybe by their appearance, or maybe by their character or even their ability in something like dance or something.

I had to learn this the hard way. First things first, is NEVER fall in love before you are even attached. This is the first lesson if you are looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend. Yes, i know feelings cannot be controlled at most times, but God gave us self control free. We can control our selves and make our own decisions depending on situation. We can answer No to any questions we are asked. The answer is always in your hands.

Yes, even if you admire someone, or like someone, just NEVER FALL IN LOVE with them. Once you have fallen in love, the devil will just be in control of your decision making rather than yourself. Falling in love before you are in a relationship is like a trap that is set by the devil. Which can lead to many many things happening in the future. It can either destroy you or either make you the happiest person on earth. Yes, I've seen many broken people just because of this. They just fell in love before they even know it. And the results has seen many friendships broken or just tainted with awkwardness. If you have fallen in love before you even are in a relationship, please please....fall out of love.

You shall only fall in love when you are both officially attached. You have a solid 50 or even more years that you both can be in love together so why rush now.

It's not easy controlling your emotions like this. It all requires great patience and practice to not fall in love easily. I used to be someone who is not in control of my own personal feelings, but i have trained my self to have self-control and be able to control my emotions. Not to say that i am emotionless, just that i can control my feelings and emotions better.

To be continued...

Relationship part 2...

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Wow! like PRO only me right, writing all these relationship advices and stuffs. Blueks! :P

Me myself also not attached yet, what pro is this? LOL!

here is part 2 of this series. Not sure how many parts there will be. As i learn in life, there will be more and more lessons in my blog.

Point #2
Right Person Mindset...

Yes, the "Right Person" mindset where almost everyone just says "sigh, when lah can i find this mr. right/mrs. right?" or "where is my mr./mrs. right wor? why never never appear one?"

I heard a lot of people complaining that they still can't find their mr./mrs. right anywhere. Even after a few years, still can't find one. Finding one will be very hard for now. Because there ain't no mr./mrs. right out there. In this world, nobody is perfect. I repeat that, NOBODY, not a single person is P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Well, maybe except God and Jesus! XD

So the first thing for you to do is to STOP finding that mr./mrs. right for there is no one out there who really deserve that title. Instead of finding one, why not just build one? oh, you must be asking "how do i even build a mr./mrs. right?" well, there is a way. I believe human beings are all made in common. We are all made in His image and i believe we all can improve some how, some way or another. We all start as babies right? We only know how to cry at the start, but then as we grow we, we tend to learn stuffs. Parents will teach us how to speak, how to do stuffs, how to eat, how to go to the loo (toilet), and so on. Even if our parents don't teach us, we eventually learn how to to stuffs on our own. Lets say lying for example. Nobody ever taught us how to lie. But we also lie eventually.

Even if we don't know a sport or an activity or sorts. We will learn it and then we can do it. The same as ABC. Once we have learned it, we can master it.

So the same goes to mr./mrs. right. We cant find that mr./mrs. right because he/she doesn't exist. We can try to learn to be one though! So lets start our next step by being the right person.

We always dream of having this kind of guy/girl, or this kind or that kind and so on. But we never realize that there will never be such a perfect person in this world. Each and every one of us have flaws and we need to break this mindset of finding the right person. Instead, we need to "Be the Right Person".

How to be the right person?, you asked. Well, the answer is simple. What do you think is the right person for you? Whatever values you think is the answer!

Example, lets say your dream girl is someone who is very kind, sporting, pretty inside and also outside, then you yourself will try also to be very kind, sporting, pretty inside out too. Of course we can't really change the way we look lah. But just groom yourself well and you'll be fine!

To be continued....


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LOL! you guys must be thinking "wow! dennis is in a relationship already?? Congrats!!!"

Actually, yes i am in one....Blueks!

With God la! LOL!


Anyways, i'm just writing this based on what i believe is good for a healthy relationship...

I may be wrong or right at any moment, you can choose to agree or disagree at any time, this is just my views and not some proven research or survey or anything. So don't bother debating with me on what or which is right and wrong :P

Basically there are a few things which you need even before you can start a relationship. I will go on each and every few rules one by one. Ceh preaching plak...LOL

Point #1
Steady Singlehood

Yes, you got me right. A good singlehood in life is key to having a good relationship in the future. When you are single is the time where you will be able to learn all the values in life and also the ways of life. Learning everything step by step and making mistakes and learning from it. Keeping your heads held high and temptations resisted, you can really learn alot during your singlehood days. Do not, i repeat....Do not ever get into a relationship which you think "that guy so cute right? i wish he is my bf" then when the guy knows the girl's intentions, i can bet you that some guys would just take advantage of that situation. The guy will most probably just go towards that girl, and even without both knowing each other, guy will ask "hey, i heard what you were saying bout me, so would you like to be my girlfriend?"

Yes, I've seen things like this happen before in front of my eyes. Having a lot of friends is an advantage after all. I get to learn things like this from a friend's perspective view. Basically, i call this the "Risky Rotting Relationship". Both sides do not even know each other yet. There might be a BIG possibility that they both don't like each other at all on the inside but just on the outside. There is also a possibility that both like totally different kind of stuffs or both sides are as stubborn as a brick wall or something. There is a HUGE R.I.S.K in this kind of relationship. You don't even know what each other intentions are. It might just either bring you up to the most successful relationship or just bring everything down to rot!

The world is a BIG world. We should not hurry at all. Be patient and wait and just get to know people here and there. The world is an adventure to explore and visit. People are everywhere and lest you know it, there are wonderful people all around you. Do not rush yourself. Thinking that you will never be able to get a girlfriend/boyfriend is the WRONG mindset. You must think and be positive of yourself and also your image. I guarantee you that you WILL get into a relationship better than ever if you wait.

When you wait while getting to know someone, you will know each other much much better. You will be able to know what each other likes and dislikes, and loves and hates, and so on. Some say, the best relationship is when 2 become 1. When 2 are really really close to each other and are really like the bestest of friends ever.

Here is a research done some time ago. A scientist wanted to do a research on a child development, and he leave one child at a time in one empty room with a chair and a table and only gave the child one marshmallow. The scientist told each child that he will return 2 hours later, and if the child manage to resist the temptation and NOT eat that marshmallow, the scientist will give the child another marshmallow. But if the child eats the marshmallow before he comes back, then he will just have what he already have.

The whole results that when the all the child reaches their high schools, those of them who resisted and waited for the scientist to come back without eating the marshmallow, had much better life while those that couldn't resist the temptation to eat the marshmallow before the scientist came back, had badder situations in their life.

I guess if i can simplify from the research the scientist did was, if you wait, and be patient, you will get a much better reward that what you actually thought it was good enough.

So 1st point recap is.....

Wait, get to know each other, and wait more...and when both times are right...then you may start a relationship...

Don't be surprise if i don't have a gf even when I'm 30. LOL!

December Happenings...Oh well...

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Well now, where shall i begin?

Actually most of the happenings are like during the last 2/3 weeks of December. Basically just started work again in December after the Emerge season has passed, and now beginning to feel the busyness again after quite some time never felt it.

Had tons of parties to attend as well as organized. Had a combined cell outing with 4 other cell groups which was a blast! It's been a long time since we had such a BIG combination of cell groups. Kinda made me feel like we're having a HUGE revival. LOL! Anyways, i got my flu on this very day and from this moment onwards, i hadn't been very the healthy even now I'm not really recovered yet from my coughs and flu. Been working with my flu and cough for the past 2 weeks, and kinda missed a few parties due to the sickness.

You name it, i got it. So far in this 2 weeks of sickness, i have all kinds of sickness, and diseases. So far, i still have the flu and cough. I had diarrhea yesterday, and i just recover today. I also vomited yesterday night just moments before the clock strikes 12am which hits Christmas day! I also had a few on and offs fever moments which kinda resulted in me missing elaine's xmas party. Kinda sad but it is just a HUGELY BAD TIMING TO GET SICK!

What a day to spend my Christmas. Lying on bed almost all day today. Don't really felt comfortable going out with diarrhea and the vomiting yesterday night. I have a wedding to go to tomorrow morning and also the dinner at night. I hope i can go. I already RSVP for it.

Basically, the whole point of this blog post is....

I don't want to be in a sickly no holiday mood feel anymore. It is the season for eating delicious foods and turkey and ham and yummiliciousness savory foods which satisfies my ever BIG desires and forever BIG stomach and a tongue which will never ever stop liking tastilicious whateverlicious to satisfy my tastebuds. Now food kinda feel tasteless to me and my appetite just aren't good with all this sickness in me.

For whatever sickness i have right now, i command you, yes you! i mean you right there! Get out you hear me! you don't belong here anymore. You are a nuisance and you are nobody best friend. Everyone hates you and you just don't belong anywhere nearby any human. Get lost you lousy troublesome flu and cough and fever and diarrhea and anything else that can be mentioned here.

Phew, felt so good after all the cursing towards the viruses and bacteria. HAHAHAHAH
okay...enough for my lameness...

Anywhere, I'm warning everyone right now.

Do Not Read beyond this point!

If you do read beyond this point, then you will need to agree to terms and conditions.

1. Do not reveal what i have done!
2. Do not post any photos you have taken during that scene in the internet
3. Do not ask how i did it
4. Keep quiet and do not gossip!

So you sure you want to continue reading this post?


I'm really warning you....

Please lah...don't read la........

I'm begging you.............don't read la......

Okay can read...but just keep it to yourself


promise ya????

Promise ya?? Don't break your promise ya?

Okay lah, here you go.

The story so far on the eventful 22nd December.

Anyway, there is one more thing which i did on 22nd of December. Which i never thought i would ever do in my whole life. My reputation has just changed with immediate effect with just one "acting" scene for the leader's drama. I never knew i was gonna be this character until like when i reached church and Tai Loong and Jireh just told me that i'm Potiphar's wife. I was like huh??? since when????? OMG! i already memorize the brother's script and everything. Now i had to memorize the wife's life in like half an hour and also indulge in the character as someone's horny, scandalous, seducing wife. LOL! Also, i never knew there was a dress until like half an hour before the drama competition starts. So i had to wear the dress and also found 2 balloons to be my A cup. (i know you must be laughing hysterically now) Basically, my role is to be a Potiphar's wife. And at the some point of the story, i had to seduce Joseph(a character in the bible) to "ahem" with me. so just~imagine~

According to people, i did a very scandalous and very good "acting". Which changed my reputation overnight with just that one performance. That's for being sacrificial and also sporting. But to even wear a dress with fake A cup size balloons as my breast? that is just way over the top! I can't believe i done that wild act.

My Deepest Condolences......

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My deepest heartiest condolences to
Brittany Murphy

Maybe you do not know her that well, but i do remember her from he acting in movies like 'Just Married', '8 Mile', 'Uptown Girls', and also voices in few movies like 'Happy Feet' and more movies. She is only 32 years of age, and she just passed just like that at such an early stage of her life. This year alone have been a tragic year for the creative entertainment world. With MJ a few months ago and also Malaysia's very own Yasmin Ahmad also...

It's sad and also scary to even think someone at such a young age like brittany can have a heart attack. It is just a tragic lost to the world. Another great and amazing talent has just gone...

Murphy's former boyfriend and "Just Married" co-star Ashton Kutcher posted his reaction to the news via Twitter.

"2day the world lost a little piece of sunshine. My deepest condolences go out 2 Brittany's family, her husband, & her amazing mother Sharon," Kutcher posted.

He added later: "see you on the other side kid."

Singer-actress Jessica Simpson tweeted: "Brittany Murphy was an incredible ray of Light to so many people. Her smile was contagious. My prayers are with her family and loved ones."

Actress Alyssa Milano, who did a USO tour with Murphy in 2003, wrote on Twitter: "She was a sweet soul, with a lot of talent and heart."

Anyways, this year has really been a eventful year. Hoping next year will be a much more happier memorable year compared to this.

Peace be with you guys...

*waves goodbye*

My Wish List for 2010!

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Here are all the things which are in my wishlist at the moment....XD
Maybe you can give it to me as a gift, maybe i just gather resources and buy one of them one day....some where

First up,
1.Acer's 23" Monitor!

Yes, first on my wish list is a monitor. I have been using and still am using those super old, outdated, dusty BIG FAT space eating CRT! those monitors are so heavy and bulky, they take nearly all of my desk space.

It is also has a HUGE 14" size screen which i can CLEARLY see EVERYTHING in SUPER SMALL DETAIL.... *being sarcastic here*

Yes, i surely need one soon. *hint hint* Christmas is in 4 days time and my birthday is also around far end corner in 3 months time...although i doubt i will get this from another person...i think i will get this myself when i have enough $$$ to spare.

I've been delaying from buying one for 3 years now. Why i delay, can just call it a sacrifice that i sowed somewhere out there which i know i will reap soon enough.

Up next on the number 2 spot is..... *drumrolls*

2. Western Digital 1TB SATA Hard Disk for my super fat no more space computer at home. I've been feeding my so called 2 hard disk at home with almost everything i can find. Games, movies, albums, E-books, more movies, drama series, more songs, artworks and also work related stuffs to the point of no return. I can't fit much more into my current 250 gb + 150gb hard disk at home. So i really need this one too as it quite affordable right now with all the price drop and increase in technology. I'm going to get this as soon as i have completed my pledge.

Up next is almost everyone's dream gadget...

3. iPhone 3GS

Yes, this is definitely on my wishlist! i dream of having this phone since it came out to launch. But since not having the $$$ to buy one, i been delaying it since it came out. LOL. Wonders when will i ever get to have one. Even though this is my dream phone, i don't think i will be getting one very soon. Very incredible tight right now. It is also the most expensive on my wish list.

4. Intel Core 2 Quad

Yes, you guys are starting to think I'm a nerd or something. Yes, i admit i am a gadget freak! Both me and my bro likes gadget very much. Every time there's a new gadget out on the streets, we are tempted to get our hands on it. So, call me a geek if you want to! XD coz i'm proud to be one! weeee! *act geeky*

5. Asus Maximus Formula II motherboard

Yes, this is a must have to go along with the Core 2 Quad Processor. This motherboard is a killer board for all gamers. Of course it is also a lil bit pricey. But what the heck! It is such an amazing mother board where almost every gamer wants! and yes, i admit i am a gamer myself! but i'm not really that extreme into it like i will play a gamer for more than few days without even leaving my seat. But yes, i can do that if i want and is very free. I done it before in the pass where Ragnarok Online was a frenzy. :D Anyways, thats the past and now we're in the future with all this technology just waiting to be bought! i want!!!

You think this is all i want. I actually want lots more than this. But I'm humble this is all for now. :) Actually i also want a Canon/Nikon DSLR Camera, A great gaming laptop, a new sporty car, and finally ahem....


*throws smoke bombs and runs away*

Be back in action soon!

Strenghts and Weaknesses...

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No pictures beyond this point. :P

These few weeks has been a road of recovery for me. Since emerge has passed, i have been pretty much tired and just need to retreat to my cave to recharge myself and add more oil to the already brightly lit fire in me.

A lot of things has happened throughout the past month or so. Being in the Parade of School for the 3rd year running. It's just an experience not to be forgotten, but every year, the risk is increased, and stunts are even more dangerous and every cluster is even more ambitious and crazy enough to do what ever it takes to win. Definitely feels more stressed and competitive this year. Wonder whats is in store next year. I doubt i will join again anymore next few years. :P

Other than POS, i didn't join as much competitions this year compared to last year. Feeling the effects of oldness...hahhaha!

Prayer meeting was yesterday, and i kinda received a revelation or sorts. There are a lot of people in this world who says, "no la, i don't think i can ever dance as good as you", or "wow! you're such an amazing dancer/singer/actor. i wish i can be like you".

Well, the answer is you can!

Everyone in this world are definitely born as a baby. Correct?

And of course babies don't know anything. All babies have in common is they can cry. LOL

But like you and me, we are all born with very low knowledge levels and know hows. We all read books and learn stuffs throughout our life. As we go through everyday things, we learn new stuffs all the time. Sometimes we may have a liking to something we did and that became a new passion for you. I believe that everyone in this world, do have a chance at whatever they want to do. All they have to do is to learn how to do it and also to have heart in it.

I was never a dancer before and i had no idea how to dance. But having interest in it and a heart to learn it, i manage to go on to the finals in Emerge 08 and even manage to get invited to perform elsewhere in Malaysia and also in Singapore once. This was like my highest point of on-stage cameo i had. After i started work, i guess i had to put priorities in other areas in my life.

One mistake people always do is have a lot of things they like. Which results in they don't really have anything they are good at and are just average at what they do. To really be good at things, you must be focused and keep on repeating the things that you are doing to be even better at it. Like the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect"

A good example is myself. I try to be good at everything, and be very flexible and try to be the man that can do all things. Anything at all, you name it, i can do it! This makes me just average at my abilities. I tend to overdo myself a lot and with the character in me, i am a little bit stubborn and am someone who will never give up doing things and tend to have determination in doing it.

Even if you asks me to stay up all night to do something or to fetch someone all the way to some ulu place which i will definitely get lost, and take hours to get back home, i will still do it. That is me and this is my strength and also my weaknesses. Every time when there is a season like this, i tend to retreat to my cave more often and try to recharge myself as i tend to overdo myself and get burn out badly after a season.

Nothings but words, and a sharing of who i am. Maybe you start to like me or even start to despise me, but i am who i am, and this is just who i am. :P