December Happenings...Oh well...

Well now, where shall i begin?

Actually most of the happenings are like during the last 2/3 weeks of December. Basically just started work again in December after the Emerge season has passed, and now beginning to feel the busyness again after quite some time never felt it.

Had tons of parties to attend as well as organized. Had a combined cell outing with 4 other cell groups which was a blast! It's been a long time since we had such a BIG combination of cell groups. Kinda made me feel like we're having a HUGE revival. LOL! Anyways, i got my flu on this very day and from this moment onwards, i hadn't been very the healthy even now I'm not really recovered yet from my coughs and flu. Been working with my flu and cough for the past 2 weeks, and kinda missed a few parties due to the sickness.

You name it, i got it. So far in this 2 weeks of sickness, i have all kinds of sickness, and diseases. So far, i still have the flu and cough. I had diarrhea yesterday, and i just recover today. I also vomited yesterday night just moments before the clock strikes 12am which hits Christmas day! I also had a few on and offs fever moments which kinda resulted in me missing elaine's xmas party. Kinda sad but it is just a HUGELY BAD TIMING TO GET SICK!

What a day to spend my Christmas. Lying on bed almost all day today. Don't really felt comfortable going out with diarrhea and the vomiting yesterday night. I have a wedding to go to tomorrow morning and also the dinner at night. I hope i can go. I already RSVP for it.

Basically, the whole point of this blog post is....

I don't want to be in a sickly no holiday mood feel anymore. It is the season for eating delicious foods and turkey and ham and yummiliciousness savory foods which satisfies my ever BIG desires and forever BIG stomach and a tongue which will never ever stop liking tastilicious whateverlicious to satisfy my tastebuds. Now food kinda feel tasteless to me and my appetite just aren't good with all this sickness in me.

For whatever sickness i have right now, i command you, yes you! i mean you right there! Get out you hear me! you don't belong here anymore. You are a nuisance and you are nobody best friend. Everyone hates you and you just don't belong anywhere nearby any human. Get lost you lousy troublesome flu and cough and fever and diarrhea and anything else that can be mentioned here.

Phew, felt so good after all the cursing towards the viruses and bacteria. HAHAHAHAH
okay...enough for my lameness...

Anywhere, I'm warning everyone right now.

Do Not Read beyond this point!

If you do read beyond this point, then you will need to agree to terms and conditions.

1. Do not reveal what i have done!
2. Do not post any photos you have taken during that scene in the internet
3. Do not ask how i did it
4. Keep quiet and do not gossip!

So you sure you want to continue reading this post?


I'm really warning you....

Please lah...don't read la........

I'm begging you.............don't read la......

Okay can read...but just keep it to yourself


promise ya????

Promise ya?? Don't break your promise ya?

Okay lah, here you go.

The story so far on the eventful 22nd December.

Anyway, there is one more thing which i did on 22nd of December. Which i never thought i would ever do in my whole life. My reputation has just changed with immediate effect with just one "acting" scene for the leader's drama. I never knew i was gonna be this character until like when i reached church and Tai Loong and Jireh just told me that i'm Potiphar's wife. I was like huh??? since when????? OMG! i already memorize the brother's script and everything. Now i had to memorize the wife's life in like half an hour and also indulge in the character as someone's horny, scandalous, seducing wife. LOL! Also, i never knew there was a dress until like half an hour before the drama competition starts. So i had to wear the dress and also found 2 balloons to be my A cup. (i know you must be laughing hysterically now) Basically, my role is to be a Potiphar's wife. And at the some point of the story, i had to seduce Joseph(a character in the bible) to "ahem" with me. so just~imagine~

According to people, i did a very scandalous and very good "acting". Which changed my reputation overnight with just that one performance. That's for being sacrificial and also sporting. But to even wear a dress with fake A cup size balloons as my breast? that is just way over the top! I can't believe i done that wild act.

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