Strenghts and Weaknesses...


No pictures beyond this point. :P

These few weeks has been a road of recovery for me. Since emerge has passed, i have been pretty much tired and just need to retreat to my cave to recharge myself and add more oil to the already brightly lit fire in me.

A lot of things has happened throughout the past month or so. Being in the Parade of School for the 3rd year running. It's just an experience not to be forgotten, but every year, the risk is increased, and stunts are even more dangerous and every cluster is even more ambitious and crazy enough to do what ever it takes to win. Definitely feels more stressed and competitive this year. Wonder whats is in store next year. I doubt i will join again anymore next few years. :P

Other than POS, i didn't join as much competitions this year compared to last year. Feeling the effects of oldness...hahhaha!

Prayer meeting was yesterday, and i kinda received a revelation or sorts. There are a lot of people in this world who says, "no la, i don't think i can ever dance as good as you", or "wow! you're such an amazing dancer/singer/actor. i wish i can be like you".

Well, the answer is you can!

Everyone in this world are definitely born as a baby. Correct?

And of course babies don't know anything. All babies have in common is they can cry. LOL

But like you and me, we are all born with very low knowledge levels and know hows. We all read books and learn stuffs throughout our life. As we go through everyday things, we learn new stuffs all the time. Sometimes we may have a liking to something we did and that became a new passion for you. I believe that everyone in this world, do have a chance at whatever they want to do. All they have to do is to learn how to do it and also to have heart in it.

I was never a dancer before and i had no idea how to dance. But having interest in it and a heart to learn it, i manage to go on to the finals in Emerge 08 and even manage to get invited to perform elsewhere in Malaysia and also in Singapore once. This was like my highest point of on-stage cameo i had. After i started work, i guess i had to put priorities in other areas in my life.

One mistake people always do is have a lot of things they like. Which results in they don't really have anything they are good at and are just average at what they do. To really be good at things, you must be focused and keep on repeating the things that you are doing to be even better at it. Like the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect"

A good example is myself. I try to be good at everything, and be very flexible and try to be the man that can do all things. Anything at all, you name it, i can do it! This makes me just average at my abilities. I tend to overdo myself a lot and with the character in me, i am a little bit stubborn and am someone who will never give up doing things and tend to have determination in doing it.

Even if you asks me to stay up all night to do something or to fetch someone all the way to some ulu place which i will definitely get lost, and take hours to get back home, i will still do it. That is me and this is my strength and also my weaknesses. Every time when there is a season like this, i tend to retreat to my cave more often and try to recharge myself as i tend to overdo myself and get burn out badly after a season.

Nothings but words, and a sharing of who i am. Maybe you start to like me or even start to despise me, but i am who i am, and this is just who i am. :P


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