Shawn's Ad for Pii Paa Ko

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Presenting Shawn Lee's Pii Paa Ko ad

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Orange Jumpsuit Crew did their thing at Singapore!

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Here we are again on another performance
Glory to God for the talent that He had given us
and also the idea and concept behind this dance performance
Thank you for all the strength and determination that You put upon us
the protection, guidance, stamina and also healing that You blessed us
Thank You for hosting us dancers from CHC KL
The hospitality was awesome. Thanks to Lester for taking good care of us.

With these wonderful and comfy beds

We are truly honoured to perform there. It has been an amazing experience just going there to perform in front of such a big crowd. We hope you all enjoyed the performance as we enjoyed performing it. Once again, all glory goes to Him!

We were there for a purpose. The devil knows about it and tried to take us out.

First by, causing one of our dancers to be blocked from entering Singapore, and that cause some of us to be a little worried and down. But we kept our head high and improvise with what we have. With all the strength that God had given us, we tried our best.

With the first two performance in the bag, we were slightly dissapointed with our performance. We know we can still do better. With enough rest, we performed our third performance with 2 of us vomitting after that. Before our forth and last performance, one of us are not feeling that well. But still we prayed for strength and also for healing.

We performed our last with all our hearts and soul. For our last dancer who got sent backed. For our dancer back in KL whom can't make it this time. For all His glory, we performed our hearts out. We gave our all in this last performance

the result

We managed to pull off our best performance so far. The devil knows we are good. Thats why the devil tried to destroy us. But with God on our side, what destroying can the devil do?

Nothing can seperate us!

Performance in Singapore?

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The Performance in Singapore

What to say? Its really a privilidge to go there and perform our combo dance. Didn't really expect it to be that great. It's an honour just to perform there. It's simply amazing.

We, the Orange Jumpsuit Dance Crew (just made it up)

are going to Singapore for a dance performance

Our Taxi Dance Concept really entertained people

Its really cool how much feedback i recieved from the people about the dance. It's a joy to hear people say how good it is or how nice it is. Hopefully people over in Singapore will enjoy our dance as well as i enjoyed performing it on stage


Although, the so much hype around the performance has me a little bit sad.


Its simply because that the weekend that i'm going to Singapore to perform with the others, my family are actually planning for a dinner celebration for my Mom, Dad, and also my sister in-law's birthdays. And since i will be in Singapore, i'm totally gonna miss it. Birthdays are like once every year. And i'm gonna miss this year's one... T_T

Happy Birthday Mom, Dad and Sis!
May all your wishes come true and God Bless you all!

Sad, but still am excited for the performance.

Life...Your Life determines who you are..or does it?

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Having a wonderful life is what everyone wants. A perfect life is indeed everyone's dream life. But where can we find this perfect life, where everything is just so perfect. Having the right family, with the right finances to support it, with amazing inteligence along with a great attitude and character, and last but not least, a perfect life partner.
Having the perfect house

the living room and stairs inside

the dining room and the bedroom to go with it

Is our life really as colourful as we think it is?

or do we live our life in disguise. The looks on the outside are just an outlook where our real self are actually on the inside of us. No matter how perfect we may seem to look, we certainly still have some flaws to us.

In short...

Nobody is perfect!

We are wonderfully and beatifully made by the hands of God. Who we are, what we are, is what God made us. All of us are created for a reason. What reason is that, well, you just got to find out for yourselves. All of us, when we are born, we are born as babies. All we know at that time is to cry, and cry for milk, or maybe just to get our diapers changed. As we go on throughout our life, we learn stuffs. We go to primary school, then secondery school. Then there is college and then universities. As we grow older, we get more matured, and sometimes we have passions in life, for example some would just love to dance or act or sing or play instruments or preach or sports or just basically anything that can be done with the hands and legs that God provided.

How we get better at it, you ask.
There is this saying, "Practice makes perfect"
As we train in something, we get better at it. As we practice and practice we get to improve our skills and technique. After a few months, we get to do things which we never thought that we could never did in our life before.

In short, what am i trying to say about this is, nobody is talentless. Everybody have talents and all we have to do is find our passion in life and train on it. Spend time with it and it shall flourish!

Even this dance performance, i never really perform on stage in front of 2000 people before. But through all the sweats and hard work, i did it! I performed with all my heart and the good thing is, i enjoyed every bit of it! Before this, i never danced in my life before. I never performed a dance before on stage. I only acted once in a drama play back in high school. Other than than, i never even been on stage. And now, in 2 nights, i was seen on stage for 3 times. Simply amazing!
Have you reach our age of enlightment?

Do we have the life that we wanted. Or isit the life that our parents wanted us to have.
For some people, our parents would just support us on what we wanted to do with our life as long as it is reasonable and have a future in it. While for some, they would want us to do what would they think is best for us. Or in other words, get into a future where we can take over their business someday or somthing. Most of us don't really like that, but what can we do, right?

Is your parents proud of you?

Sometimes, our parents can be hard on us for the decisions that we make in life. Sometimes they are those who support you all the way. All in all, they are still our parents. So either listen to them, or explain in a polite and reasonable manner why we make that decision.

Life, wonderful yet so complicated like these woods

But still, how can we do things when we don't like it or don't even have any interest or passion in doing the things that our parents want us to do.

Life is indeed a complicated thing. God didn't make Heaven and Earth, us humans and animals all so simple. He created us individually one by one. All of us are different in a way. Then again, life can't be that perfect. Sometimes, its hard for us to make a decision but personally, i've always followed my heart.

Another complicated yet magically wonderful thing is Love.
where is the love?

To me, love is something which is very complicated. Let me just say that, “to love someone is easy, but for someone to love you is hard”. Why do I say this? Well, it is impossible to know anyone who loves you unless he/she tell you. Even if they do tell you, how do you exactly know that they are telling the truth?

Who really loves you?

It is quite impossible to tell the difference between the truth and lies. Acting comes into people minds who are so desperate that they are willing to do everything until they get what they want. They could just be desperate to get that prince or princess that they dream of getting. Some would just dream, dream and dream. While they are some who would do everything in their power to get what they want.

Here’s an example…Let’s say, that your team is losing 1 goal to 0 in a football match. Certainly your team wouldn’t want to lose the match right? What would your players do? They would ACT. Someone tries to tackle one of your players inside the box and then suddenly out of no where, your player fell down without even contact on him.

The referee awards your team a penalty. And your team scores. The score is 1-1. This is an act of desperation. Who would ever want to lose a game unless if the game is a friendly la..which doesn’t really matter who wins or lose..When during a competition, who would want to lose. Everybody wants to win, right?

Well, so do those desperate people out there. They tell you lies in desperation to get what they want. Let say, some guy came to you and explain about some organization about children cancer or something. Then they would ask for donation. How would you know they are telling the truth? They could just be acting to take your precious money. The organization could just be an organization to take people money and use them for themselves. Those images could just be taken off the Internet like any other pictures. Internet is like the source of everything right now.
Beware of who you give donations to

Are we just too naive to realize this? Newspapers a few years ago came out an article where it says that those people "collecting" donations are not really donations. For example, if you give RM10. The cause that you donated to only receive 10% where the agents aka "the collector" receive 50% and the company that hires them receive 40%. Is this fair? No way! I would prefer to give RM100 to those who need directly rather than give to those agents. Frauds they are. If you want to give, do your research first. There lotsa frauds out there so watch out. These people just act in desperation. I don't think those agents have much sympathy

The same goes to love. I know coz I’ve seen so enough of friends getting themselves lied for their partner to get them as their boyfriend/girlfriend. It is just so sad to see them suffer because of that. And I've been the middle man more times than i can even think of being in a relationship. I tried to fix the problem where the problem couldn’t really be fix at all.

All the problem can only be solved with one thing.


They were just acting to get what they want. So it is imposible to repair something which was never real in the first place. Trusting one another is important for a relationship. Without trust, how can you even trust the other half to take care of you.

There is this amazing thing called "Love"

The best thing that can happen in life is "to love and be loved"

Love is indeed a wonderful and an amazing adventure to everyone that is powerful and also precious yet it is still complicated and a little bit cruel in a certain way. Still its magical prowess of love conquers all.

How to find your right partner?

Well, i don't really know the answer to that question,
as i myself haven't even found one myself.

But i know one thing for sure.
Why not...

Just Be The Right Partner!

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the Battle at Middle Earth where, arch rivals, Fever and Flu resides

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The battle for mankind survival is at hand
where the hero's arch nemesis rivals, Fever and Flu are waiting to destroy this so called "hero"

The hero now feels like this
and having
Fevera here to deal with and also
Fluenza to fight off, hero seems to be in a bad situation

With no help from any of his comrades, hero is all alone. With limited powers and also the strength to fight off this super villians, he has little choice.

With both fevera and fluenza combined, they have an extremely powerful ability in raising your temparature to extreme measures to destroy hero. Hero is weak against this kind of attacks.
Little did he know the amazing strength that he would have underneath those skin.

Under all the stress and weakness, hero started to feel power in his body.
Feeling a tingling feel all over his body,

Claws came out from hero's hands.
Now hero feels like a whole new person.
With a new power in his palms, he also feel healing powers in his body.
Now feeling better, hero tried to fend off Fevera and Fluenza
so that he can defeat them in another day once and for all.

All Hero has done is only to slow down his arch enemies.
One day, they shall come and fight with Hero again.

and till that very day
Hero awaits his fate
To be continue...

Asia Conference '08

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Asia Conference 2008
Singapore, City Harvest Church

Hosted by none other than
Pastor Kong Hee himself
Kong Hee is known throughout Asia as a dynamic teacher on faith, impacting nations with his strong focus on the Word of God, discipleship, evangelism and relevance in the world today.

He is the founder and senior pastor of City Harvest Church (CHC), Singapore—a Spirit-filled Pentecostal church that was birthed in 1989. With just 20 members at its inception, the church has grown to an average weekly attendance of over 24,000 members today with 71 percent first-time converts.

Through his visionary leadership, CHC has become widely known as one of the most dynamic and innovative churches in the Far East. The keys to the remarkable growth experienced by City Harvest Church are vision, faith, commitment, a desire for excellence and effective discipleship.

After more than two decades of pastoral ministry and training disciples for the kingdom of Christ, Kong maintains a passion to see lives changed by building contemporary, relevant and anointed strong local churches in Asia.

Along with a number of well-known speakers from all over the world

1. Benny Hinn
Benny Hinn is a world-renowned healing evangelist who has traveled extensively around the globe, preaching and teaching on the biblical principle of divine healing through the atoning work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

In his conferences, miraculous signs and wonders often follow his emphatic preaching of God's Word. Innumerable individuals have been greatly impacted through his powerful ministry.

Benny Hinn also hosts his own television show, This Is Your Day, which airs in more than 200 countries daily over the Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN).

Additionally, he is the author of many best-selling Christian books, which include Good Morning, Holy Spirit and The Anointing.

2. A.R.Bernard
Rev. A.R. Bernard is the founder and CEO of the Christian Cultural Center (CCC). Located in New York City, this faith-based organization currently has over 28,000 members and is situated on a welcoming 11-acre campus.

Drawing on his beginnings in the financial industry, Bernard has built a familiar brand associated with positive, life-changing experiences. Through his practical application of principles approach, and the successful leadership programs he has created, Bernard has become much in demand as a speaker by some of the leading "Fortune 500" companies, universities, colleges and faith-based organizations.

He has also addressed senators and congressmen of the United States on numerous occasions.

New York Magazine named Bernard as one of their "Most Influential New Yorkers." In February 2008, he was named by a consortium of organizations in the New York Daily News as the number one religious leader in New York.

Other than being the host of two weekly television broadcasts, he is a current member of the Board of Directors of the New York City Economic Development Corporation and Chancellor Joel Klein's Cabinet of the New York City Department of Education. He has served as a member of the NYC Police Department Advisory Board for Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect.

Bernard also served on Mayor Michael Bloomberg's 2001 Transition Team of the City of New York.

Bernard received a Masters Degree in Divinity from Alliance Seminary, Nyack College.

3. Phil Pringle
Phil Pringle is the senior pastor of Christian City Church, founded in 1980 with a group of just 12 people.

Today, this church incorporates five colleges, a television ministry, a Christian School of Creative Arts and a Christian recording company.

Phil Pringle is also the founder and president of Christian City Church International, a movement that sees approximately 200 churches throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States.

His vision is to build a growing church and movement of churches that are relevant to today's world, through bringing salvation to lost people and teaching believers how to be a disciple of Christ.

Phil Pringle has a Doctorate in Biblical Philosophy and was awarded the Order of Australia medal by the Government of Australia in recognition for service to the community in 2000. He has authored a number of books on leadership, anointing and faith. He is also an anointed singer, songwriter and artist.

4. Ulf Ekman
Ulf Ekman is known throughout the world as a premier apostle, dynamic preacher, Bible teacher and author.

He is the founder of the famous Word of Life Church in Uppsala, Sweden. Pastor Ulf is also the founder and president of Word of Life Bible Center & University, the largest Bible School in Europe, from which 45,000 students have graduated and are now working actively in the harvest field.

Out of his ministry, more than 1,500 new churches have been birthed worldwide over the last 20 years.

5. Chris Pringle
Chris Pringle is a passionate and gifted speaker, and is one of the prime movers in Oxford Falls Christian City Church, Sydney, Australia, and the movement of churches her husband Dr. Phil Pringle began – Christian City Church International.

Beyond being a very capable and gifted public communicator, she is an excellent singer and worship leader.

In addition to co-hosting a television program with her husband, she lectures in the colleges at the church and has long been one of the favorite lecturers.

Every year she hosts a women's conference in Sydney that is fast gaining a reputation as a premier women's meeting.

Chris and Phil Pringle have a daughter and two sons, who are all actively serving in the church.

Also featuring special performances by world-renowned singers such as

Carola Haggkvis

Du Du Fisher

Don Moen

Sidney Mohede

Please visit for more info and registrations

Emerge '08 part 2

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Continued on Emerge '08

There alot of things going on at Emerge '08
Its one of the most anticipated Youth Conference in Malaysia

Emerge '08

Being organize by City Harvest and having guest speaker Pastor Kong who comes all the way from Singapore to preach the cultural mandate to us.

Pastor Kong

Hearing him preached every year is like waiting for Santa to come!
You just can't wait to hear him. He is such a great and annoited speaker that it can influence you and keep your fire burning for ages!

The conference was simply amazing with a number of celebrities from everywhere coming here to Emerge with us

Celebrities like Liu Geng Hong

Also here is Liu Geng Hong with his wife Miss Taiwan, Vivi Wang

Anthony Chang, Winner of Astro Talent Quest 2006

Danny One, Another local celebrity

Even Amber Chia came! Peewit!

Fang Po Po as well!

She's an international artiste whom your dad, mom, uncles and aunties might recognize

Celebrities are coming from everywhere. Who knows, Jay Chou might come next year!

Other than celebrities, we have a number of performances in Emerge '08

Such as the hyped up, Combo Dance Team which consist of Adam, Sam, Markie, Kellz, Shawn, Sarah and last but not least ME!
Yes, the one with the wheel on the right is none other than me!

Spot me if you can!

We had much fun!

Sarah's solo part

Freestyle session!


There was also a performance from Singapore O'School Dance Crew

There were amazing dancers!

There are actually tons more that you can see in Emerge every year
If you didn't manage to make it to this year's conference, why not make it an effort to go to next year's one. I certainly had lotsa fun performing and Emerging myself to the next level!

I have emerged!

The BIG question is


VU Bow!

Your's Truly

Dennis W.