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"Take a look at yourself at the mirror, who do you see looking back?

Is it the person you wanna be?

or is there someone else you are meant to be,
the person you should have been but have fell short of.

If someone tell you, that you can't or you won't,
it is because you can! Believe that love is out there.

Sometimes, happiness doesn't come from money, fame or power, sometimes happiness comes from good friends and family and from the quiet nobility of leading a good life.

So take a look in that mirror and remind yourself to be happy
because you deserve to be, believe that and
believe that dreams do come true everyday because they do."

Birthday Wishlist!

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Okay...I'm 23 this year...so I'm getting old...but as any one with a birthday just around the corner, you will surely just wish for something, anything, that you wish. It may not come true, but it doesn't hurt by dreaming right? So i'm just dreaming right now that i will have the stuffs in this wish list in the birthdays to come! Hopefully...LOL!

1. iPhone/iTouch
Yup. I've been wanting one of these since like it was introduced. I'm about iPods since i can use it anywhere i want to and satisfy my high entertainment needs. Okay, you can call me a geek if you want to but yes, i love gadgets like this just like how my brother does. My bro has an iTouch himself so i being the greedy me, also wants one. If possible an upgrade to an iPhone wouldn't hurt too. Heee! :D Anyways, i don't think this is totally a possibility on my wishlist. I wouldn't even think anyone could afford to buy me this as a present. If someone would, well, i may just be as speechless as a stone, mesmerize by your so generosity and kindness. It cost a bomb, i know but the only way i think i could ever get it is i get the money myself by working extremely hard and just sacrifice everything else and keep the money till i have enough and just buy the thing by myself. The last time i bought anything was an iPod Nano 1st Generation which is like 4 or maybe 5 plus years ago. That was the time i feel like a kid with a new toy. LOL!

Anyways, that's on top of the wish list really, but i guess if nobody can not afford it, then i might as well just accept any presents. I don't really mind. I'm not that greedy after all. LOL! Honestly, if i really get this, i'm happy with not receiving any present for 2 more years or so. I'm serious.

And, i have about 7 drafts that i haven't really posted up
That's all folks. See ya.