What happens when i met Viva?

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When viva meets me!
Yesterday I went off for a drive...and this is where the love story the begins..

I recieved a anonymous love letter, where I did not know how or where did it came from. In the letter, it wrote...

“Dear dennis,
You and I haved been destined to be together. You may not yet know me that well, but I know you will fall in love with me soon enough...and this is my promise to you.”

This is like love at first sight. The first time I lay my hands on you, I have already fallen for your beauty. Your sleek and hourglass body shape just amazes me. Your gentle touch just flows right through me. Your eyes are like diamonds to me. Finally i have found you, my dearest and only Viva...

I've finally met Viva, whom i have been looking for a long time. What more can i ask from Viva, who can basically give everything i could ever possibly ask for. Everything i need i can just get it easily from Viva. In short, i have fallen in love with Viva! Nothing can separate between us right now. If we were ever separated, my world would just tremble down without any purpose.

Viva, a great friend, a solid companion, where you will never feel lonely. Everything is at your single touch, awaiting your fingers. Amusing you with everything Viva can offer, endless entertainment at your grasp. Be warned, Viva is here to stay for the long. Any competitors out there, get lost because Viva is here!

Viva is indeed the love phone of my life! XXDDD

When Viva meets me, the adventure begins and the love story starts here...

P/S - everything you read in this blog post is strictly fictional (it may be true and not true)and is just creatively expressed and written in a way of a story...hope you enjoy reading as i enjoy writing...

Designers Aren't Machines!

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credit to Lance K. Muller for his artwork.

Just want to express my feelings as a designer.

Random Tag by Elaine...

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Random Dennis Reveals
Answers the most random questions as honest as possible! It’s worth it!

What is the 7 MUST HAVE’s in ur dreams guy/girl?

1. Love God first above everything else. Means God is number one and im number 2.
2. Can accept of who i am...
3. Able to click with her and she is like my bestest ever friend
4. Younger and shorter than me...LOL (i really cannot accept if the girl is taller and older than me by alot)
5. Loving and caring!
6. Enjoy eating...eating great foods la...not eat alot! hahaha
7. Someone who i can spend the rest of my life with...

Even if it is impossible, if u can wish for ONLY 7 things, what would it be?

1. To be a pastor's PA (or just a church staff will be good enough!)
2. To have a bigger salary (LOL)
3. To be an art director or a actor(this one is dreaming)!
4. To be recognized as a great or good designer/director
5. To one day go back to Sabah/Labuan and build a church (i'm serious)
6. Write a book...
7. Get married by 27(MAX 29)...hahhaha

What’s ur shoe size?
8 ..i think...hahaha..long time didnt buy shoe..

What’s ur fav colour?
I don't mind wearing any colour as long as it suits me...black, blue, white, black, green, grey, red...i don't think i will wear pink...still fobia..hahaha

Are ur BEST friend mostly guys or girls?
guys with nothings boxes are best...hahaha...can talk till 7am

What do u think is ur 7 weakness?
1. Sometimes too humble/scared...i never ever tried to do BIG things unless my leaders tells me to do
2. quite forgetful..boss scolded me alot....hahaha
3. Karat easily after few months didnt do that thing(like guitar, futsal and anything la)
4. Sometimes can be quiet but sometimes can be quite hyper
5. I always try to please everyone but it is impossible to please EVERYONE
6. Wanted to bless more but seed is sometimes limited..BIGGER SALARY
7. When i am super tired, i feel lazy...

What is your 7 Fav Restaurant?

1. I don't really have any favourites..
2. I basically love anything nice and delicious
3. Penang food rocks!
4. McDonalds are like CHEAP!!
5. Bah Kut Teh
6. Spicy Foods
7. Mom's home cook foods...

If u could, what colour would u paint the walls of the sanctuary of City Harvest Church?
as long as the presence of God is there and i love it then it doesn't really matter what colour it is... :D

To love or to be in love?

DO u belive in love at first sight?
err..not really...how can you love someone who u just first met or saw at somewhere...you nid to build that relationship to a level then you will start to love that certain person...

What is ur fav verse in the bible?
John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends - this verse truly represent who i am sometimes...i am willing to do what it is required to help my friend out even if it does mean it will hurt me..

If u had the chance, if would colour ur hair….
i have dyed red and brown before...maybe highlight dark red or brown...hahaha


What is ur most fav part if a wedding?
when the bride and groom at the center and they say the vows and in the end they kissed...that is like soooo touching...

What better? Honesty or Loyalty?
can i choose both?? LOL

Dog or cat?
I don't mind both but i prefer cats..haha

You are afraid of….
1. Failing...
2. Stress piling up to the MAX
3. Death...of course la...i want to live looooong
4. of myself...hahaha..when i angry at myself for failing..hahaha

Honeymoon! U would go to….
1. Venice
2. Paris, France
3. Japan
4. Hawaii? hahaha

How do u describe urself?
I'm a good listener and a determined person. I never give up easily and will fight all the way or as hard as i can to do what is needed. I'm currently a graphics designer at an advertising agency and dreams of one day to appear on the BIG stage in performing arts or maybe just be an actor and act in BIG movies....hahaha

Is this tag wasting your time?
nope...atleast got something to do...hahah

Are u thinking of someone?
yes...praying for a few friends here and there...

When is ur first crush?
Form 2 or 3...

First relationship?
Form 5...does puppy love count?? LOL

First kiss?
err...on the mouth or on the cheeks?? i dun really remember...form 5 i think..haha

Is there one person you want to be with right now?

What is love to u?
The greatest and happiest thing in life is to Love and be loved...Love is something precious and something you have to treasure for you whole life...Love is when you love someone so much that you don't care about how they look or act and you love because of who he/she really is...You cant judge a book by its cover so you cant love someone by its cover...Love is pure and it should be kept honest and truthful

Do u think this tag asks alotta bout love?

DO u think this is a Marriage survey?
it feels like it...hahaha

DO u belive in happily ever afters?
Happily ever afters are there if you chase after it!

If u could go back to the past and change anything, what would u do?
I wouldn't want to change anything...i have learned alot of stuffs, and what i have experience is who i am right now..I wouldn't be Dennis if i didnt went through all those 22 years of my life so far..

Do u think this tag is long?


I'm In Love

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Really. Seriously.

I'm in love... :)

Love Story meets Viva La Vida

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Arranged by Jon Schmidt.
Co-arranged by Steven Sharp Nelson
Recorded at Big Idea studios
Engineered by Jake Bowen and Chuck Myers.
Produced by Jon Schmidt. Co- produced by Chuck Myers.
"Love Story" written by Taylor Swift.
"Viva la Vida" written by: Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion, Chris Martin.
Video Produced by Amenat Studios.
Directed by Matthew Mclelland.
Director of Photography Patrick Ryan Gass