Orange Jumpsuit Crew did their thing at Singapore!

Here we are again on another performance
Glory to God for the talent that He had given us
and also the idea and concept behind this dance performance
Thank you for all the strength and determination that You put upon us
the protection, guidance, stamina and also healing that You blessed us
Thank You for hosting us dancers from CHC KL
The hospitality was awesome. Thanks to Lester for taking good care of us.

With these wonderful and comfy beds

We are truly honoured to perform there. It has been an amazing experience just going there to perform in front of such a big crowd. We hope you all enjoyed the performance as we enjoyed performing it. Once again, all glory goes to Him!

We were there for a purpose. The devil knows about it and tried to take us out.

First by, causing one of our dancers to be blocked from entering Singapore, and that cause some of us to be a little worried and down. But we kept our head high and improvise with what we have. With all the strength that God had given us, we tried our best.

With the first two performance in the bag, we were slightly dissapointed with our performance. We know we can still do better. With enough rest, we performed our third performance with 2 of us vomitting after that. Before our forth and last performance, one of us are not feeling that well. But still we prayed for strength and also for healing.

We performed our last with all our hearts and soul. For our last dancer who got sent backed. For our dancer back in KL whom can't make it this time. For all His glory, we performed our hearts out. We gave our all in this last performance

the result

We managed to pull off our best performance so far. The devil knows we are good. Thats why the devil tried to destroy us. But with God on our side, what destroying can the devil do?

Nothing can seperate us!