Relationship part 2...

Wow! like PRO only me right, writing all these relationship advices and stuffs. Blueks! :P

Me myself also not attached yet, what pro is this? LOL!

here is part 2 of this series. Not sure how many parts there will be. As i learn in life, there will be more and more lessons in my blog.

Point #2
Right Person Mindset...

Yes, the "Right Person" mindset where almost everyone just says "sigh, when lah can i find this mr. right/mrs. right?" or "where is my mr./mrs. right wor? why never never appear one?"

I heard a lot of people complaining that they still can't find their mr./mrs. right anywhere. Even after a few years, still can't find one. Finding one will be very hard for now. Because there ain't no mr./mrs. right out there. In this world, nobody is perfect. I repeat that, NOBODY, not a single person is P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Well, maybe except God and Jesus! XD

So the first thing for you to do is to STOP finding that mr./mrs. right for there is no one out there who really deserve that title. Instead of finding one, why not just build one? oh, you must be asking "how do i even build a mr./mrs. right?" well, there is a way. I believe human beings are all made in common. We are all made in His image and i believe we all can improve some how, some way or another. We all start as babies right? We only know how to cry at the start, but then as we grow we, we tend to learn stuffs. Parents will teach us how to speak, how to do stuffs, how to eat, how to go to the loo (toilet), and so on. Even if our parents don't teach us, we eventually learn how to to stuffs on our own. Lets say lying for example. Nobody ever taught us how to lie. But we also lie eventually.

Even if we don't know a sport or an activity or sorts. We will learn it and then we can do it. The same as ABC. Once we have learned it, we can master it.

So the same goes to mr./mrs. right. We cant find that mr./mrs. right because he/she doesn't exist. We can try to learn to be one though! So lets start our next step by being the right person.

We always dream of having this kind of guy/girl, or this kind or that kind and so on. But we never realize that there will never be such a perfect person in this world. Each and every one of us have flaws and we need to break this mindset of finding the right person. Instead, we need to "Be the Right Person".

How to be the right person?, you asked. Well, the answer is simple. What do you think is the right person for you? Whatever values you think is the answer!

Example, lets say your dream girl is someone who is very kind, sporting, pretty inside and also outside, then you yourself will try also to be very kind, sporting, pretty inside out too. Of course we can't really change the way we look lah. But just groom yourself well and you'll be fine!

To be continued....

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