LOL! you guys must be thinking "wow! dennis is in a relationship already?? Congrats!!!"

Actually, yes i am in one....Blueks!

With God la! LOL!


Anyways, i'm just writing this based on what i believe is good for a healthy relationship...

I may be wrong or right at any moment, you can choose to agree or disagree at any time, this is just my views and not some proven research or survey or anything. So don't bother debating with me on what or which is right and wrong :P

Basically there are a few things which you need even before you can start a relationship. I will go on each and every few rules one by one. Ceh preaching plak...LOL

Point #1
Steady Singlehood

Yes, you got me right. A good singlehood in life is key to having a good relationship in the future. When you are single is the time where you will be able to learn all the values in life and also the ways of life. Learning everything step by step and making mistakes and learning from it. Keeping your heads held high and temptations resisted, you can really learn alot during your singlehood days. Do not, i repeat....Do not ever get into a relationship which you think "that guy so cute right? i wish he is my bf" then when the guy knows the girl's intentions, i can bet you that some guys would just take advantage of that situation. The guy will most probably just go towards that girl, and even without both knowing each other, guy will ask "hey, i heard what you were saying bout me, so would you like to be my girlfriend?"

Yes, I've seen things like this happen before in front of my eyes. Having a lot of friends is an advantage after all. I get to learn things like this from a friend's perspective view. Basically, i call this the "Risky Rotting Relationship". Both sides do not even know each other yet. There might be a BIG possibility that they both don't like each other at all on the inside but just on the outside. There is also a possibility that both like totally different kind of stuffs or both sides are as stubborn as a brick wall or something. There is a HUGE R.I.S.K in this kind of relationship. You don't even know what each other intentions are. It might just either bring you up to the most successful relationship or just bring everything down to rot!

The world is a BIG world. We should not hurry at all. Be patient and wait and just get to know people here and there. The world is an adventure to explore and visit. People are everywhere and lest you know it, there are wonderful people all around you. Do not rush yourself. Thinking that you will never be able to get a girlfriend/boyfriend is the WRONG mindset. You must think and be positive of yourself and also your image. I guarantee you that you WILL get into a relationship better than ever if you wait.

When you wait while getting to know someone, you will know each other much much better. You will be able to know what each other likes and dislikes, and loves and hates, and so on. Some say, the best relationship is when 2 become 1. When 2 are really really close to each other and are really like the bestest of friends ever.

Here is a research done some time ago. A scientist wanted to do a research on a child development, and he leave one child at a time in one empty room with a chair and a table and only gave the child one marshmallow. The scientist told each child that he will return 2 hours later, and if the child manage to resist the temptation and NOT eat that marshmallow, the scientist will give the child another marshmallow. But if the child eats the marshmallow before he comes back, then he will just have what he already have.

The whole results that when the all the child reaches their high schools, those of them who resisted and waited for the scientist to come back without eating the marshmallow, had much better life while those that couldn't resist the temptation to eat the marshmallow before the scientist came back, had badder situations in their life.

I guess if i can simplify from the research the scientist did was, if you wait, and be patient, you will get a much better reward that what you actually thought it was good enough.

So 1st point recap is.....

Wait, get to know each other, and wait more...and when both times are right...then you may start a relationship...

Don't be surprise if i don't have a gf even when I'm 30. LOL!

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