My Wish List for 2010!

Here are all the things which are in my wishlist at the moment....XD
Maybe you can give it to me as a gift, maybe i just gather resources and buy one of them one day....some where

First up,
1.Acer's 23" Monitor!

Yes, first on my wish list is a monitor. I have been using and still am using those super old, outdated, dusty BIG FAT space eating CRT! those monitors are so heavy and bulky, they take nearly all of my desk space.

It is also has a HUGE 14" size screen which i can CLEARLY see EVERYTHING in SUPER SMALL DETAIL.... *being sarcastic here*

Yes, i surely need one soon. *hint hint* Christmas is in 4 days time and my birthday is also around far end corner in 3 months time...although i doubt i will get this from another person...i think i will get this myself when i have enough $$$ to spare.

I've been delaying from buying one for 3 years now. Why i delay, can just call it a sacrifice that i sowed somewhere out there which i know i will reap soon enough.

Up next on the number 2 spot is..... *drumrolls*

2. Western Digital 1TB SATA Hard Disk for my super fat no more space computer at home. I've been feeding my so called 2 hard disk at home with almost everything i can find. Games, movies, albums, E-books, more movies, drama series, more songs, artworks and also work related stuffs to the point of no return. I can't fit much more into my current 250 gb + 150gb hard disk at home. So i really need this one too as it quite affordable right now with all the price drop and increase in technology. I'm going to get this as soon as i have completed my pledge.

Up next is almost everyone's dream gadget...

3. iPhone 3GS

Yes, this is definitely on my wishlist! i dream of having this phone since it came out to launch. But since not having the $$$ to buy one, i been delaying it since it came out. LOL. Wonders when will i ever get to have one. Even though this is my dream phone, i don't think i will be getting one very soon. Very incredible tight right now. It is also the most expensive on my wish list.

4. Intel Core 2 Quad

Yes, you guys are starting to think I'm a nerd or something. Yes, i admit i am a gadget freak! Both me and my bro likes gadget very much. Every time there's a new gadget out on the streets, we are tempted to get our hands on it. So, call me a geek if you want to! XD coz i'm proud to be one! weeee! *act geeky*

5. Asus Maximus Formula II motherboard

Yes, this is a must have to go along with the Core 2 Quad Processor. This motherboard is a killer board for all gamers. Of course it is also a lil bit pricey. But what the heck! It is such an amazing mother board where almost every gamer wants! and yes, i admit i am a gamer myself! but i'm not really that extreme into it like i will play a gamer for more than few days without even leaving my seat. But yes, i can do that if i want and is very free. I done it before in the pass where Ragnarok Online was a frenzy. :D Anyways, thats the past and now we're in the future with all this technology just waiting to be bought! i want!!!

You think this is all i want. I actually want lots more than this. But I'm humble this is all for now. :) Actually i also want a Canon/Nikon DSLR Camera, A great gaming laptop, a new sporty car, and finally ahem....


*throws smoke bombs and runs away*

Be back in action soon!

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