Happy New 2010 Year!!!!


Happy New Year!!!

The year 2010 is here!
Yes, twenty ten is here!

A very happy new year to all my friends and family!
Having fulfilled most of my resolutions of last year, this year gonna be even bigger for me.
Last year was a year of transition where i had to start life as a working adult and then a reshuffling of cg members in cellgroup which had a few changes here and there.

Definitely a year of change and getting used to. But i did well. I manged to settled my self pretty well with situations and managed to balance my time well between work and also church. Although me working has seen me pause from a few ministries like dance and props, i guess i had no choice if i had to really do well in both areas in my life.

This year will be another year for me. I think this year will be a year of excellence for me. Where i will excel in everything possible i am involve with. I still have a decision to make whether i want to work in Singapore for a good 6 months or not. And at the same time, probably go sign up for the SOT course in CHC SG. It's been an honor being trained and discipled in City Harvest and would really like to go SOT one day. Maybe this will be the year, maybe not. Who knows.

Anyway, i hope to excel in everything i do. Determination and also time management is key to my success this year. Not giving up and encouraging myself up and away doing my utmost everything i can possibly achieve.

So happy new year again peeps and good luck and God bless on this year!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Fiery Guardian Golden Dragon,
Dennis Wong, 2010.

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Happy New Year!