Before i say anything, please watch this youtube video first.
Yes, i know the text are in chinese, it's okay if you don't understand, you just watch the video since it's language is in english. Inspiration...

Such an inspirational video.

To all those people that are training for competitions, to those who face struggles and almost felt like giving up. Sometimes, we just need to put that blindfold on, and just keep on going. Keep on keeping on, and never give up. Your mindset of once you reach your goal, and stop there is not going to bring you to great heights. Your determination and you beliefs, you attitude, is what will bring you success. It's what will bring the team together. It's what we need in our daily life.

We cannot sit still and just say "i just pass this exam and it's okay"

We need to press on, and keep on going. For our future depends on it.
For our children's future depends on it.
For everything that you have lived for depends on it.

So friends, if you feel like just reaching that goal is already enough, this is wrong.
Let's all put the blindfold together, and keep on going. Bursting records, bursting every single history that mankind can think of. Doing everything we can to do every bit of good in this world.
It is not because of a goal, but because we have a choice. Even though it hurts so bad, and it burns like hell, we got to keep on going.

Don't give up....
...No matter what...

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