A few tips for the guys...

Yes, I'm writing this one for the guys now.

I know, you must be thinking how i know this.
Well, you can say i just learn from past experiences.
And also having some girls as friends. :P

Okay, there are few basic rules a guy shouldn't do when you're after a girl.

1. Do not keep on calling/sms/facebook/msn/email her

Yes, you may think this is very normal to do to a girl that you like but actually you're wrong. Very very wrong. In fact, you're no different than a stalker who is obsessed with that girl.

Girls are very scared of guys like this. They keep on calling and calling every single day, and just sms-ing every time to check on things with the girl. You should only do this if the two of you are already attached. Before you even start a relationship, this is totally off boundaries. You're just scaring the hell out of her if you're doing this.

It is also irritating for the girls to keep receiving calls and smses from you. You notice that she doesn't pick up your calls anymore. You will realize that she doesn't reply your smses anymore. I know at the start of that friendship, the two of you may be constantly talking and sms-ing to each other. But once this gets out of hand, she will start to get scared and thinks that something is weird and wrong there.

Girls mind are always thinking, so once they think that something is not going so right there, they will immediately back off fearing the worse could happen.

So as guys, we should actually be much more sensitive to girls. Girls like attention but not too much until like a stalker. So in short don't be a stalker when you can just be a friend.

2. Take things slow and get to know her

Yes, this may be one of the hardest things to do for a guy. Firstly, do not so fast get attracted to her and liking her so fast. Yes, i know she may be treating you very nice and you feel like she likes you back. But you're very very wrong. Most girls are very kind and gentle in nature. Almost all of them are very kind especially towards people whom they first know for a few weeks. It is called "being friendly". She doesn't like you actually. She is just being friendly and nice to you because she thinks that you can be a good friend.

Most of the time, guys surely overdo it in this area. When girls treat a guy very nice for the first few weeks, they guy would think that she likes him. This fact is so so wrong. A girl treating you nice and everything doesn't mean that she likes you.

Guys should instead just be nice to her back and just be yourself. You should not get so over about this. Over doing it will definitely kill the friendship immediately. You may have heard of the saying "Love at first sight" right? Well, to be honest, this phrase is actually not true. Two person who love each other at first sight is totally absurd. How can two strangers love each other when they first met. This is just like a one-night stand thingy. This kind of relationship will surely not last long as the two still haven't really get to know each other. Once the bad sides of each other comes around, then you'll see if you can stand each other or not.

Okay, this is just 2 of the steps that guys should not be doing.

The most common mistake guys can do is the 2 of the things above.

1. Calling/SMS/MSN/Facebook her too much
2. Thinking that she likes you after a few weeks

More to come...

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