I'm feeling blue....very very blue....

Yes, I'm feeling quite blue at the moment...
It has been a few days since Sunday.

Oh well, you can't win all the time
But as a die-hard Man Utd fan,
It just happens once in a while.

So yeah, this is a random post dedicated to the blueness
of everything you can find in life.

Don't proceed to read if you're not fond of blueness, just ignore this post.


See...it's so blue....

You can so find so many things that a blue.
Some naturally blue, while some are digitized.
Some are man-made stuffs.
Everything is like so blue right now.
I'm seeing blue every where.
Even on my office table there are blue things.

I might as well be this person here
See how blue he is.
Very blue right?
I know right. He maybe experiencing some
extreme blueness right now.
*Ignore my lameness

Gosh, even the sky is blue.
And because of the sky, the ocean also become blue
because of the reflection it gets.

It's a blue blue world we live in.
Don't you think so?

Even the movie "Avatar" has blue men
Called "Navi People"

Like these two.
Whatever their names is, I don't know
Why i don't know. Because i haven't freaking watch the so called
"Movie of the century"

Yes, I maybe slow in updating myself with all these movies,
but i will still watch them after in a few months time.

Since everything is so blue right now,
I really feel like this kid in the picture below.
Just look at the whole room man.
Every item is just blue, blue, blue.
Respect him.
He must be feeling very blue all the time.

Please ignore this post.
I'm just very blue at the moment.
Later i become a Chelsea fan instead because of the blueness.
Crap! What the heck I'm typing wei. Sial!

- The End -

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