A story began...

Yes, every story always begins with a once upon a time.

And every story has a love in it.

Also every story has to have an end to it eventually.

As a story will never go on forever, but instead it will be remembered for its memories.

Time past by,

as life goes on,

People come, people go.

Happy or Sad,

Loved or Hate,

It's feelings we have.

Trust or Betrayal,

Honesty or Lies,

It all belongs to you.

A dream or a Fantasy,

You lived your life,

According to it.

Godly or Ungodly,

It is your decision.

Time is golden,

As we waste time everyday,

Doing things which should or can be,

much more fruitful than that.

The Living or the Dead,

Eternal Life we have.

As Christians, we have a duty.

A duty to care, A duty to seek,

The lost and the scared,

to find back their paths,

to the righteous ways.

Who we are,

Where we are,

Whenever, or whoever,

we met, we can,

impact them the way,

the people before us,

impacted us.

We have forgotten our ways,

we have thought about ourselves more,

than others which you should.

Go now, and do as you like.

For whatever decisions,

you make will eventually,

make this world either,

a better place or a worst place.

As you have a freewill to decide,

Decide wisely.

Go now in this, i say to you.

Go to all nations and do what you can.

Be a blessing to your friends and family.

Be who you are meant to be.

A hero and a saver.

or an enemy of the world.

P/S : - What you read here is entirely self made. some may be true and some are entirely fictional. All just comes to mind freely. Copyright Dennis W. 6th May 2010

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