A Story...of you and me...

Here is another story. A story written out of inspiration. A story on a life's journey to the center of the earth. Where it all began till the present. A time for a long journey and adventure begins at a heart's stop. Continue moving on, and creating greater hopes for all mankind. This is the story of a lifetime. It all began here. This is our story.

Thanks to my readers for reading my blog until now. And to all the faithful readers, here am i again with one of my longest ever writings. Hopefully this few chapters of written blog can be a book someday. Having found inspirations from all sights of life and all kinds of angles that my eyes can see and my hands can touch, born was this story is. Moving on each day of life, this is about life itself. How can one really go through all stumbles of life and life lessons and roadblocks each and everyone faces in life. If you think you are the only one that is having a bad life, read this, and it may just change your perception just a bit. If it doesn't. hopefully it can be a great inspiration and give you thoughts of life for your own good and future.

"Your past will always be there, but your present is the one that will determine the future, so everything relies on the present"

This is a lifetime story which portrays real life events that has happened, and lessons in life which i think will be useful to some of you out there who have face similar trials and tribulations.

Stay tuned for the 1st chapter....

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