Chapter One | The Begining

The Beginning

Where it all began?
Where is all started?
Where it all came from?
Where you came from?

Yes, we all came to this world the same exact way. Our parent meet up, friendship built, relationship grow, going on dates together, got together and then got married, mom got pregnant and finally you were born. Yes, we are all born in this world.

The simple fact is that all of us have a purpose in life that we need to find and pursue in life. We all start off with absolutely nothing in our knowledge. We don't know how to talk, we have not much strength to even walk or crawl, we can't jump yet, we can't communicate or even capable to do anything much. The only thing that everyone can do when they are born is cry. As babies born into this world, we are curious little people who likes to explore the world as we grow. Touching things around us and feeling each and every texture and detail around us. Everything that we want as a baby, eat, change diaper, play, to be carried, all we have to do is cry our hearts out. Our parents will eventually recognize that we want something and usually at the start, they wouldn't know what we actually wanted. Our parents have to guess what we actually want. Sometimes our parents may be wrong the first time, but sometimes they can be spot on.

Yes, that is all we know at the start. As young as that, we eventually grow to be bigger, chubbier, and cute. We are adored by each and everyone who saw us. Knowledge and wisdom wise, all of us, and i really mean "all", start with absolutely nothing, no knowledge, no wisdom and not knowing much of what our future can be. The only thing that we are good at is crying. Yes, we all can cry to the max of annoyance. Whatever we want or need, we can just cry and cry and our parents will have to decipher what we are trying to communicate to them.

Once we grow, we learn things slowly by vision and sight. Naturally we are all learners. It just the matter of we learn fast or slow, but all in all we are still learners. We all have a brain don't we? As babies, our learning curve is very high, that's why we learn fast while that young. This is the point of our life where our parents need to teach us lots of things and most importantly, speak to us in language we don't know so that we can develop our mother tongue.

All of us, our journey begins here. It's the start of our life and this is the beginning. We are all wonderfully and creatively made for a purpose by God. Take a look at yourself right now. Please tell me, who else have the same attributes as you. You are very unique because God made you. You have an incredible ability that no one else have and that is yourself. You are you, keeping you, you is who you are. Nobody can ever follow you or replicate you because you are who you are. You have those eyes, those ears, nose, face, hair, arms, legs, body, and just simply everything on your body is unique. Take a look at your fingerprints for example. The world population now is estimated by the United States Census Bureau to be 6.779 billion. The fact is that all of us have different fingerprints. Not a single person in the whole world has the same exact same fingerprints. So be proud of yourself. You have something which no other person have in this whole world and that is yourself.

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