Dance, My Love

City Harvest Production


Dance, My Love

Where the twist tales of love, rivalries and dance fill the big stage in this epic drama production where Kyra (Careen Tan) a ballerina, was amazed by Tyler's (Sammy Osifo) dance crew who performed in Zuok the night before. Coincidently, Tyler, was forced by his mom to go to Subang Jaya Musical Centre for a dance degree where he met Kyra officially. There, sparks began and emotions flows high. With Tyler's dance crew kicking him out, a new crew arises with Kyra and Tyler and other to challenge Tyler's former crew, the Smooth Gees.

The whole production was amazingly a huge success.
Probably one of City Harvest's best production ever produced.

With ups and downs during rehearsals and practices, we were tired, stressed and also pushed to limits at times, but we know that we are doing this for the glory of God.
All the hard work, sweats, and injuries(if we have some) are all worth it.
The creativity of Pastor and Esther directing and editing the whole production
is simply amazing and so relevant to the people.

Although tired, we still managed to take pics back stage.
None can resist the power of the camera!

Justin, Sammy, Samuel, Julian the DJ, and Me at the bottom

Markie and Kellz
Samuel, Mask, Adam, Priscilla, and Me

Adam and Kristina
Cindy, Priscilla and Me

Me and Antonia
How old do you think she is?
Why don't you guess?
If you know the answer, do keep quiet. Thank you.

Me and the Salsa Queen!
She too hot to handle!

Me and Priscilla!
Isn't she adorable?

The innocent church mime Priscilla and me
She's only 15 you know and already almost same height with me (she is wearing heels)

Priscilla and Antonia sandwiched Me
Lucky me!

Last but not least...

The whole cast of Dance, My Love

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