body, soul, and holy spirit

Body, Soul and Spirit

What i am writing now is something which i have learnt from Leader's Retreat in Genting this year as all the leader's from City Harvest gather every year to have their retreat to refresh themselves and to regenerate any lost energies and spiritual hunger and also the fire in them to come back a different and re-energize person with many new lessons learnt.

One thing which i have learnt is about
The Body, Soul, and also the Holy Spirit
These three are all interwined
There are all connected somehow
The body is us. Which is you and me.
The soul is your mind. Which tells you what to do and when to do it.
While this holy spirit is like another person standing beside you. Your advisor somewhat.

In another way, this soul is like MSN Messenger which connect the Body and the Holy Spirit.
When we are so sensitive to the spirit and able to flow just like that with the presence of God, we can just hear what the God is trying to tell us through the Holy Spirit.
Sometimes when we prophecy, we ask for a word or a picture from God,
then God will send something to the Holy Spirit to MSN the body
which is us to then MSN to the person that we are prophecying to.

It sounds so spiritual and sounds like i'm crazy or something. But it is real, i tell you.
I thought it is impossible to be done. And only a number of BIG SHOT people like
Pastor Mike O'Connell can do it, but actually with just a lil bit of faith even the size of a mustard seed, we are able to do this kind of unbelievable thing.
All we have to do is to activate your faith to move in the spirit.
So that we can hear from God easily.

Sometimes we are so afraid of doing this kind of thing.
Maybe just because we don't believe that this kind of thing exist.
Do not be afraid of failures. We will get better with experience.

5 simple steps
How to Flow in the Spirit?
1. FREE up your spirit by stirring up your spirit by praying in tongue strongly
2. Have FAITH by expecting God to give you a word or a revelation and BELIEVE!
3. FOCUS and eliminate any distraction and noise in your surroundings.
4. IDENTIFY what God has given to you like a word or a picture or a name or a place and etc.
5. Speak it and ACT!

With this 5 simple steps, you will be able to prophecy to people
It might sounds scary but then it is very real.
Believe it or not!

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