G-Force Review

I just watched this movie yesterday with Kevin and few of his cg members.

Honestly, i was quite surprised by it. The whole storyline and everything. Of course the movie was a little predictable in terms of storyline but the characters just won the whole lot. The four 9 inch tall guinea pigs are just so adorable and cute. What more than the mole with that worm-like nose of his. The characters are just well done and the technology in the movie is just amazing.

Just imagine cockroaches which have sensors attached to them are trained to infiltrate enemy's territory without trace and evidence and can hide themselves in hidden area of the house and no one will even notice them. All secret will not even be safe anymore in the household with this roaches around.

Also imagine that with certain wireless hi-tech mini headsets for the guinea pigs and the mole to wear to allow them to communicate with humans and can just listen to them talk in "English".

For me, it's not that bad of a movie, but honestly i think its a one time show to watch. You shouldn't watch it over and over again. I still think Alvin and the Chipmunks win the cuteness factor! LOL

That's all folks! Written and Dusted!

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