Life's like a lemonade


What's life about actually?

Well, everyone gets to go through this. This is a fact.
Even animals, insects, or who knows, aliens.
There is not a single living thing that doesn't goes through life.

Think about it, we may have our life as a baby when we are born, then we grow up, to be children, then to a teenager then finally to adulthood. The same goes to all animals, and insects. They also go through the same stage as us humans. God made us that way.

Just think, while we may have our own shopping centers and theme parks around, who knows in the tiny world below us where our feet steps on, have a world of their own. Imagine ants, having their theme parks and seeing the baby ants enjoying those roller coaster rides and so on. Of course, people would say this is crazy. How on earth can those cretins have such intelligence to make their own city.

Well, God is an amazing God, amazing how God made the whole world in just 7 days. It may sound impossible, but 1 day in heaven maybe a thousand years on earth.

So what is all this got to do with my title.

Well, what is a lemon?

A lemon is a fruit. Which is sour and if you add sugar, it can be sweet and sour.

If you add tea to it, then it becomes a lemonade. Well, life's like a lemonade.

Some people may enjoy lemonades very much but some just don't like the sourness of it.
Well, if you like lemonade very much, then you pretty much understand what I'm writing about.

I love lemonades myself, so i can say life's like a lemonade.

When i drink lemonade, it just makes me smile and happy because i love the drink.

Imagine doing the things that you love, it also makes you smile and feel happy, right?
Imagine watching your favorite team winning, you feel very happy right?
Imagine girls, shopping for their favorite clothes, you see their faces filled with joy.

All this stuff, i call them the "lemonade" effect

When you do things you love, you have this effect.
Of course, you may not love lemonade as much as i do, so you can call it whatever you like.
Like the "Life's like an apple" or "Life's like a football"

Lemonade can represent a lot of stuffs. It can represent the stuff which i do like the most. or even the girl that i like. Currently, I'm referring this to my overall life. So yeah, Life's like a lemonade.

Well, also like some lemonades, it can be very sour which makes an unpleasant look on your face.
*some people just make bad lemonades...LOL

So life can be good and also bad at certain times. We all go through this. We are humans after all.
We are not perfect. Even robots should have glitches at some times. Yes, it is a fact that humans make mistakes but we tried our best to do what we are good at. But sometimes, even though you are good at it, you still make mistakes. Well, that is human. If you never make any mistakes in your life, then you are not human. You're alien.

So what I'm trying to say is, move on!

Everyone will go through this from time to time. We just need to pick ourselves up and keep moving forward to that "almost perfect" lemonade.

I'm sure all of you face struggles in your life, even myself. But i always move on and look on to the future instead of linger on our past mistakes. What matters is the future.

Think Tomorrow!

Yes, i have been through all the struggles in the past that you might have faced too, but I've moved on and I've never been happier. Since I've been saved in City Harvest, my life been basically transformed and molded into who i am now. Although i know I still have lots to learn, I'm taking this step by step.

If you face a bad lemon, throw it away and get a new lemon!
There are tons of lemons around, don't just stick to one lemon.
But if you found that perfect lemon, stick to it and pursue it no matter what!
For your future depends on it, and i mean everything.

Life's like a lemonade.

*Lemon can be anything from your education, career, business, love, etc etc.

*no pics for now. No time to upload pics... T_T

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