There's only one me...

There is only one me....

So don't kill me yah...

I have only 2 hands, 2 legs, a pair of eyes, a nose and a mouth and a brain
But there's only one me
Only one Dennis Wong
I know i'm the only person that can do that
But how can so many people expect so much out of me
I know i am capable in doing what I'm talented in
But still, there is only one me
I know i am the only one can do that
But again, there's only one me

I can't satisfy each and everyone happily
Because there's only one me
I'm really sorry if i can't meet your needs
when there's only one me
I'm pushing all i can to do what i can
because there's only one me
Even i have my limits
because i only have me

I only have myself to do everything
so don't give me any more
I can't do much more
because there's only one of me
I believe i can finish what i can
So please don't give me anymore

Please extend it if it is possible
because there is afterall one me

I will try my bestest
but still there is one and only one me

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