Its 30th of March

some if you have pics ahead...

world of warcraft??

It's already 30th of March!
I've been so busy lately with everything
But thank God i've manage everything so far
It's all about balance and i've been able to get
a right balance that i'm comfortable with

It's not really easy to balance up your life
as you started working to gain experience
and at the same time, you serve God
Of course, everyone can do it
but only with discipline and a heart

To have heart is very important in what you do
Without that heart, things that you do tend to be
very clumsy and just "cincai" la in other words
Work and assignments will be messy and not organized
To be successful, you really must have heart

I'm studying to be a designer and now on probation
for about another 4 more months as a designer
in an events company for the past 2 months ady
After this, what experience i've gained
will indeed be very valueble
where i go after this, i'm not too sure
but i'm very sure it is gonna be UP and not down
I'm gonna be the head and not the tail!
the front and not the back!

I've grown so much in City Harvest that it has helped me alot
In everything i do, i try to apply anything Pastor thought me
Also serving as an usher thought me great things as well
I've changed so much from the old Dennis to now

City Harvest Church is a great church for youths to learn
and a great place to have this relationship with God
Also friends are plentiful and we are also fun
Church is not boring like what you think
It can be very fun indeed with all the big day events
and all the big preachers coming

If you are new in church or a christian who is looking for a church
in KL or PJ, or just a free thinker who has no religion views
I just invite you to come at least once to city harvest
I promise you won't regret it ever by coming
Get ready to be amazed by everyone you meet
and all the ministry members there

Be ready to be greeted by amazing smiling ushers
hear the amazing voices of the worship leaders singing
the choir singing in harmony to the praise and worship
the security in maintaining the order and safety of the church
the quality of the TV crew and Lighting crew
and also the sound crew for such amazing sound system

Just be blown away by all this
and don't get culture shock

City Harvest Church
No. 8, SS 13/6,
Subang Jaya,
47500 Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 56387573
Fax: +603 56341567

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